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The smartest way to manage your blockchain data

index, store, share or access your blockchain data up to 60 times faster
Our Story

Our company consists of highly skilled people with wide range experience in blockchain development since the technology first hit the market in 2009 

Our Vision

We believe blockchain technology will change the world and will be implemented in a broad range of services in the near future


Our super efficient software solution bring top level benefits for companies developing blockchain solutions. 



API response time is up to 30 times more efficient with 99.99% success rate.

HTTP Performance

Up to  15 times faster response time on regular queries.

Database Performance

Query execution time is performing up to 15 times faster

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Tel: (+972) 506 982 372

15 Hahagana
City: Or Yehuda
Country: Israel
Zip: 6032253

"The smartest product
in the market"

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